Young ambassadors

Facebook page and young ambassadors
The history

CompanYoung has collaborated with COOP on expanding the knowledge among the youth about COOP and the attractive career opportunities COOP’s apprenticeship program offer. There was a need for an optimisation of the exposure on the platforms important to the youth, which meant that CompanYoung was responsible for an increased presence on social media. We have created a Facebook page for COOP to spread important knowledge of the apprenticeship program through young ambassadors in COOP. The ambassadors continuously upload moments and share information about their everyday life as an apprentice in COOP on the Facebook page.

Social media is part of a full, year-round media plan and CompanYoung is responsible for keeping COOP’s apprenticeship program visible on different channels, e.g. on different job portals and Google searches. We believe the year-round media plan is important in order to strengthen the brand and the youth’s knowledge. CompanYoung has further assisted in optimising different material available for the youth. The right content is important – we believe it holds great value for COOP, which is the reason for us contributing with our expertise in sharing the content on all relevant channels.

“CompanYoung helped us target our campaign in order to catch the attention of the young talents we value so deeply in COOP. Apprentices play a vital role in coop, which is why it was so important for us to be more proactive on social media, as we wanted to emphasise the opportunities and the exciting work life awaiting the new apprentices. Aside from our advertising on SoMe, CompanYoung also helped establish a group of ambassadors, who run our Facebook page for apprentices, engaging both new and more experienced apprentices. Companyoung definitely stays up to date on the online behaviour of the youth!”

Senior HR Consultant, COOP.