A much cooler selfie

Attract young graduates
The history

As one of the leading accounting and consulting companies, both in Denmark and worldwide, it is important for Deloitte to attract the very best talent. Deloitte connects with students on varying levels of education throughout the year, especially within the field of accounting. Each year more than 90 accountant trainees are recruited for goal-oriented educational training for the purpose of developing Deloitte’s own success.

CompanYoung and Deloitte have worked together since 2011. The cooperation has involved multiple campaigns and activities; one of them #amuchcoolerselfie. CompanYoung is responsible for the digital execution of the accountant trainee campaign in addition to the presence and community management on Facebook, alongside the general coordination of the entire media strategy.

Deloitte further uses our recruitment platform for customer relationship management and handling of the company’s talent pipeline. See some of the campaign elements from our cooperation with Deloitte on this page.

“We have worked in cooperation with CompanYoung on attracting young talent for several years, and our campaign activities have developed alongside our needs and the target group’s behaviour.
CompanYoung gives great support and is always present in the situation; therefore, we feel that we always get professional and qualified advice on reaching young talent. It is important for us that our employer branding is relevant for the target group, and our experience is that CompanYoung is constantly up to date. The employees at CompanYoung are trustworthy and always respond to you quickly. We are looking forward to our future activities with CompanYoung.”

Mia Juul-Hansen
Kathrine Benzon
Deloitte Denmark