Oure Sport & Performing Arts

Oure Sport & Performing Arts


Website and Attraction Platform

The history

Oure boarding school, Oure high school, and Oure Højskole together form the collection of Schools of Oure Sports & Performing Arts, which is Denmark’s biggest boarding school collective. Having such a extensive school environment, yet having a broad target group, the Schools of Oure needed a consistent visual and graphic line creating recognition and connection among the schools across all media, channels, and platforms.

As the objective was to create a new website embracing all of the above, we developed three concepts that all were tested in the target group. It was unusual, in the fact that we went with all three concepts instead of going with just one, but this gave us a more flexible tool box with more designs to draw from. The work resulted in the creation of the website www.oure.dk.

Specifically for Oure boarding school it was important to communicate clearly the implications of a boarding school among the youth. Therefore we developed an attraction campaign, which consisted of short videos for social media and targeted advertising. Aside from contributing to the youth’s understanding of a boarding school, the campaign further secured that Oure boarding school reached their student intake goal.

In order to retain the young people’s interest and secure future communication, we implemented our admissions platform. The platform is used to manage applications for the schools and increase the possibility for the Schools of Oure to benefit from closer contact to potential students.

“The collaboration with CompanYoung has helped us increase the knowledge of our special high school that contains boarding school life, sports, dancing, music, and acting.”

“We have become more knowledgeable about the use of social media and the dialogue with CompanYoung has contributed to a more efficient marketing of the school. It has been a contributing factor causing an increase in student numbers.”

Kenneth Vennerstrøm

Headmaster, Oure Boarding High School Sports & Performing Arts.