Trainee campaign & Recruitment Software

The history

As main supplier within men’s wear for a variety of customers around the world, with brands such as BISON and Jack’s International Wear, PWT Group is an equity firm with the need for targeted and guaranteed recruitment of the right employees for their teams. The right talent is vital for PWT Group’s further development and growth.

CompanYoung has, among other things, developed a trainee campaign for two stores in the PWT group; Wagner and Tøjeksperten. The purpose of the campaign was to attract the best qualified candidates for the merchant education programs. We have created a whole career universe at, managed the strategy on social media, as a part of a goal-oriented media plan.

The other side of the collaboration between PWT Group and CompanYoung involved our attraction and recruitment software. In order to recruit and fill out positions quickly, PWT Group chose to use our HR recruitment platform. This platform is now used for recruiting for all available positions within PWT Group. The HR department can quickly communicate to a broad field of candidates with greater ease, thereby securing the quality of applicants. Furthermore, the platform is used as a talent bank that PWT Group can always dig into when looking for new talented employees.

“We needed a partner that was able to think outside the box in regards to existing possibilities on the market. This was to attract suiting candidates for our vacant positions in the company”

“CompanYoung is a young team that is up to date in order to connect with Generation Y and the innate digital behavioral patterns. This way we secure the recruitment process reflecting contemporary society in the company”

“We highly recommend CompanYoung as collaborator. They are committed within their field and wish to change with the customer and take the task seriously, while they work with any challenges the customer might have”

Morten Guldberg
HR Manager, PWT Group