A good offer turned into a great story

The history

JYSK has, with good reason, one of the most popular trainee programs in Denmark. However, an analysis CompanYoung conducted in 2014 showed that the company’s employer brand was not perceived as attractive as the trainee program JYSK offers. This needed attention, as JYSK offers a good opportunity for young Danes, also after their time as trainees.

CompanYoung created the campaign “A good offer turned into a great story”. The campaign was favoured within the target group in a target group test that CompanYoung conducted in the initial development phase. The campaign features four ambassadors on web and video, who made a good offer into a great story. Among others, Rami, who started as a JYSK trainee in 1994 and now has a managing position in business development, is featured in the campaign.

The campaign’s primary platforms are the trainee site JYSK.dk/elev and the Facebook page “Elev i JYSK”, where selected JYSK role models share their everyday experiences with interested young people. CompanYoung further manages a customized digital media strategy including spots on different trainee- and job portals, Facebook, Google, etc.. The campaign also includes a ‘school package’ that is used at more than 100 school visits JYSK performes in the campaign period.

“We have been working with CompanYoung since 2011, and they have assisted us in our annual trainee campaign targeting recruitment of 120 trainees. CompanYoung manages our activities, which they adapt to the target group continuously.

Most recently, CompanYoung has developed our new trainee campaign “A good offer turned into a great story”, which has shown great results as we have received more than 100 applications throughout the first three campaign months. An initial analysis of the young target group founded the campaign created by CompanYoung, which was spot on within JYSK and our young target group. We are very pleased with the results. JYSK’s trainee program is strategically important for our business and we therefore appreciate having a knowledgeable and skilled partner in terms of attraction of the best talents, which we find CompanYoung to be.”

Jørgen Olsen

Manager of Education, JYSK