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Brain, Talent, Xperiment

Branding platform and website
The history

As part of a modern educational institution it is important that the marketing and branding stay up to date. Tech College Aalborg has HTX, EUX, EUD, and further training, which all must be communicated in a clear and direct way to the right target group.

CompanYoung and TECH College Aalborg have worked together on the profiling of the institution’s many educational programs for years. The collaboration has included both HTX and the vocational educations, and we have therefore developed two separate branding platforms. Each platform contains a broad presentation of the different educational opportunities.

At HTX we have developed a universe, which is rooted in HTX’s innovative and experimental way of managing education at high school level. The students get to trest theory through practice, both in laboratories and workshops etc. at HTX. This universe is grown through the theme “Brain, Talent, Xperiement”, which has been realized through involvement of the students on the development of a “Rube Goldberg” machine.

CompanYoung facilitated the process (from idea to finished product), which was filmed for a video product to used online and as movie theatre commercials. Everything is gathered on the website and on Aaalborg Tekniske Gymnasiums Facebook page.

Tech College Aalborg is challenged on the image and reputation of vocational education, like most other vocational education institutions. Targeting an increase in attraction of students for vocational education and embracing the image challenge, CompanYoung has developed the universe “We dare, we think, we create”. Tech College Aalborg signals through this message that vocational education is not for everyone, as it requires bravery, skills, and proficiency. The main element in the new concept was the development of Tech College Aalborg’s new website, which is a subsite responsive Umbraco-solution. The delivery consisted among other of the development of a new site architecture, flowchart, web design, programming etc..

The collaboration with Tech College Aalborg has been fun and challenging, and we have in cooperation created a stronger foundation for the school’s further profiling.

Brain Talent Xperiment
“Brain, Talent, Xperiment” was the slogal for HTX/ Aalborg Tekniske Gymnasium. The concept and identity was chosen based on a target group analysis CompanYoung conducted within the market area. Today the three key words are central in the profiling of the HTX-program in the area.

“Our collaboration with CompanYoung was initiated in 2012 when we needed a branding platform for our HTX education (ed. higher technical youth education). We had a phenomenal experience with CompanYoung’s target group experts, who helped develop the identity ‘Identity, Talent, Xperiment’ that is now the foundation for our profiling of HTX.
Following the HTX case, CompanYoung managed in 2014 the launch of the existing branding platform and website for the entirety of Tech College Aalborg. Through the message “We dare, we think, we create” we have gotten a much distinct profiling of our many educational paths for young people and adults. Along with the update of our website we have gotten a contemporary digital platform, which is engaging, user-friendly, and easy to administrate.”

Helle Mølbach Rubien
 Marketing Manager, TCAA