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The history

Wrist Ship Supply started its first global Graduate Programme in 2012 and CompanYoung has been there for the entire journey. The task was to spread the knowledge of Wrist Ship Supply and its interesting Graduate Program across several countries in order to connect with talented young people worldwide.

CompanYoung has helped Wrist Ship Supply spread awareness of their business among young people all over the world. For instance, we have worked on developing a clear and recognisable online identity, which was tested within a selected target group in order to ensure the best results from the campaign. This turned into a new international campaign site, a Facebook page, and video material showcasing the various opportunities Wrist gives its graduates.

Aside from attracting and inspiring young people worldwide, we also make sure Wrist receives and focuses on applications from the right candidates. We have used our own recruitment software in order to attract the best candidates, as the software matches all candidates to a profile developed accordingly to Wrists needs. The matching process is supported by a video feature allowing candidates to upload short videos to show their talent in a creative manner, allowing Wrist to find the absolute best candidates.

“We have experienced great success in the execution of our graduate campaign many times, and each time students have shown high interest in our program. Our experience is further that the students who make the cut for our program contribute positively to Wrist Ship Supply A/S. Therefore, the demand for graduates in our business is increasing.”

“CompanYoung is a highly talented and engaged partner with an enormous amount of knowledge about attracting talents.”

Ann Toft Magnussen
Wrist Ship Supply A/S