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CompanYoung A / S is a full service partner for companies, educational institutions and industry associations to attract talented young people. Through our 4 business legs, we create and operate attractive and recruitment campaigns that affect the young audience.

Through our own knowledge center, Generation Lab, we constantly collect and process the latest knowledge about Generation Y and Z in order to execute effective campaigns and attraction universes for our customers.

How to create value

insight - CompanYoung

Knowledge and Analysis
We compose analyzes that provide you insight and knowledge about yourself, your image, and especially your specific target groups.


design - CompanYoung

Branding & Conversion
We design and operate attraction universes which are uniquely designed and adapted to your identity and your young target group.


attention - CompanYoung

Advertising & Contact
We organize and execute your advertising and contact points based on our extensive knowledge of the young people’s media habits.


Clarification & Screening
We help you form long-term relationships, as well as finding the right candidates through profile analyses and matching technologies.



Nothing describes our competencies better than our cases.

Latest Articles

Get knowledge about youngsters behavior, insights into the target audience, tips, tricks and recent updates.

CompanYoung ApS
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