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CompanYoung is a full-service partner for companies, educational institutions and industries, and we provide worldclass solutions for attraction and recruitment of talented young people.

Value creation throughout the entire funnel

As a full-service partner we assist throughout the entire process. We build our foundation on our deep insight in the youth’s behaviour and we use this insight to execute strategies, creative ideas and media campaigns efficiently. Everything is supported through our all-in-one platform YoungCRM.

Our experience shows that a good and efficient recruitment strategi is based on 3 key elements:

  • The right messages
  • The right attraction platform
  • The right marketing

The YoungCRM platform supports, overlooks and develops through the entire process. As a result we can quickly improve the ROI, the efficiency, expenses and the quality of candidates.

Therefore, we are able to provide a final product of high quality, as all decisions are made based on a thoroughly tested process.

Knowledge is the key to success

We collect and work with data from the young target group consistently, which contributes to securing that our solutions are always based on the new knowledge and the latest trends.

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