A collection of motivated and ambitious young people

What is CompanYoung?

CompanYoung is a full-service agency, and we help companies, educational institutions and industries attract and recruit young people. Our competencies and experiences are broad, but everything we do takes a starting point in our unique knowledge of the youth. A unique knowledge we have built through more than 10 years, but most importantly all the knowledge we have grained through collecting, analysing and publishing through our knowledge hub, GenerationLab.

Who are we?

We are a team of top-motivated and ambitious young people, who are dedicated to help young people find the right education or the right first job. We have even written it down as our purpose for everything we do.

“We help young people find the right education and the right first job”

Our purpose, and our values; professionalism, value creation, commitment and knowledge is the foundation for our DNA and culture, but also the foundation for the way in which we approach our customers.

Meet our team or read more about the culture within CompanYoung.

CompanYoung’s History

See how we developed into the company we are today.



The Idea was Born

In 2008 Daniel gets the idea to establish a job database with the purpose of helping young people in Northern Jutland find a student job.

This idea was realised i collaboration with Kevin, and the database XYW.dk was launched.


Elevplads.dk is Established

Following a year of hard work, the duo acknowledged the niche was too narrow, and companies were not willing to spend money on advertising for student workers. CompanYoung therefore changed direction and started focusing on apprenticeships. The new focus culminated in 2009 and elevplads.dk was launched. It is a job database, which is still a part of the company today.


First Young Employer Branding Campaign

Despite the success elevplads.dk experienced and that many companies advertised for apprentices, we experienced a big loss when the interested apprentices were redirected to the companies’ own websites. This point made us realise the potential in young employer branding and we began pitching the first campaigns in our history. The interest was great, so we expanded and increased our sales activities.


First Education Marketing Customer

After we gained a good amount of experience in attraction campaigns for companies, we decided to try a similar approach to the educational market.

We started with the Danish boarding schools, through which we quickly experienced success. Later on we expanded the segments to also include the vocational schools, high schools, folk high schools and higher education.


The Agency CompanYoung

In 2012 CompanYoung went from being a job database to being an agency that works with attraction and recruitment of young people. Our work was, at this point in time, based on our previous experiences and the fact that we ourselves was a part of the young target group.


The Software House CompanYoung

In our work with attraction and recruitment campaigns we often saw unused potential and opportunities to obtain much greater effect of the activities.
We therefore decided to take on technology in 2014 and we began developing software tools to support our work, and thereby create even better results for our customers.


Knowledge-hub CompanYoung

Time went by and as we got older, we decided to put “Knowledge about the youth” on the agenda in order to make sure we continuously know the youth down to the details.

We therefore established our own knowledge-hub, GenerationLab. Today the knowledge-hub provides us the newest knowledge about trends and tendencies among the youth.


Full-service CompanYoung

Today CompanYoung is a full-service partner. Our competencies range wide and we KNOW how to attract and recruit young people. We work hard and determined to achieve the best results.

The Future

Shared Concepts

In the future we continue to develop our business the way it is today.

Additionally we will develop strong concepts, which affordably, but efficiently, gives our customers an edge in a competitive market.

A leader is no better than what the employees believe

Good leadership is therefore of utmost importantance in CompanYoung. The spearhead of CompanYoung consists of a team dedicated to the niche, customers and employees.

Kevin is CEO in CompanYoung and has the responsibility of business administration and the development department. Kevin has many roles, among others the technical project management of customer cases and internal development projects.

Daniel is CCO in CompanYoung and is responsible for our sales and mix of products. Daniel spends much of his time visiting our largest customers, consulting on the ideal attraction strategy in regards to the young target group.

Anders is COO in CompanYoung and has the responsibility for the company’s operation and delivery. Anders has many roles, but to him it is most important that we deliver great products on time, to appreciation for our customers.

Kevin Rebsdorf

CEO & Co-Founder
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Daniel Birkholm

CCO & Co-Founder
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Anders Sondrup Bøegh

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