Be attractive to the students through marketing of your higher education

We help higher educational institutions be attractive to the youth, in order to attract motivated students.

Many students in today’s globalized world seek to study outside their home-country, which means higher educational institutions must position themsleves on the market and showcase their identity in order to attract the best students. The students are willing to move far distances, in-country and out-of-country for the education that is right for them.

Finances and societal pressure can further create uncertainty among the students and they are afraid to make a wrong choice, as the consequences might be difficult to deal with. In order to be on the students’ grid when they are applying, it is therefore important to communicate the school’s identity and lectures’ content in a very clear manner.



Transnational student attraction

We always take a starting point in our well-proven method when we prepare attraction strategies for higher educational institutions. We are with you from the beginning of developing the strategy all the way to executing – of course in close collaboration with the individual school.


We help higher education with some or all of the following:

  • Data collection and analysis, and development of strategy
  • Development and execution of media strategies
  • Design and preparation of attraction platforms
  • Tools to support Nurture & Clarification in the attraction process
  • Software solutions that increase the efficiency of attraction efforts
  • The opportunity to form bonds to knowledgeable experts from the business community, who contribute by bringing real life cases into education as well as creating a healthy relation between the business community and students

A sample of some of our Danish customers within higher education

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