Through marketing to young people, together we can create attraction of employees for the future industries

We help industries in targeted communications campaigns that increase the interest in educations, which enables the individual to work in your industry.

A good image is essential for an industry as a good image invokes interest among the young people and it ensures your organisation will get as broad a selection of candidates as possible. The youth is the industry’s catalyst for growth – they create the future.

At CompanYoung we have gained extended experience in helping industries planning and executing campaigns with the purpose of awakening the talented youth’s interest.

Attract for the future

Our well proven method creates value for your industry from day one. The method ensures our participation from the initiating phase to the execution, in close collaboration with the particular industry to secure your values are preserved.


We help industries in some or all of the following:

  • Collection of knowledge and planning of strategies
  • Development and execution of media strategies
  • Creation of attraction platforms, e.g. websites for campaigns
  • Solutions to support nurture and clarification in the attraction process
  • Software that complements the process
  • Bridging between industries and education – participate as an expert and contribute with real cases relevant for the education, from the business community

This is an example of some of the industries we have helped in Denmark

Our experience will streamline your attraction and recruitment campaigns

We have a broad experience in collaborating with industries and cater to each need. We therefore know how to identify what works for your industry specifically.

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