Nurture & Clarification helps select the right candidates, and that contributes to mutual growth 


Attract the right profiles

Common for organisations, trade organisations and educational institutions is how important the right choice is for both you and the young people.

We help finding the right match through efficient and qualitative screening of the candidates applying for a position with you, whether it is applicants for your organisation or prospective students interested in your institution. We help you clarify the young people and choose the right candidates. At the same time, we help convert the ones who are not clarified, whom you meet face to face or online.

The last step in our model is Nurture & Clarification, and it is in this phase we follow up on all activities and secure that we choose the right ones. In this phase we also transition from mass-communication to communicating with the individuals. Oftentimes this part is forgotten, but since it has a large effect on you brand, it is highly important to consider.

We take care of the technology

An excerpt of the services we provide in Nurture & Clarification:

  • Set up of application and recruitment system
  • Development and operation og talent databases
  • Development and operation of CRM-strategies
  • Development and operation of marketing automation

The services in Nurture & Clarification is greatly supported by our platform YoungCRM. YoungCRM is an efficient management tool that also gives you a unique insights into your activities’ effects.

“CompanYoung  facilitates i.a. our entire digital and social media strategy, which creates amazing result annually. We also use CompanYoung’s platform YoungCRM to manage our talent database that currently have more than 16,000 registered. We look forward to continue the good collaboration, and I can give CompanYoung my best recommendations.”

Anne Bay Riisager, Campaign Manager, Det Blå Danmark

Thorough nurturing – amazing results

An efficient nurturing strategy is not only going to increase the effect of your activities, it also has a large impact on the way the youth perceive you, which makes it an important part of the overall attraction and recruitment strategy.

will tell their network about a bad experience
will tell their network about a good experience
organisations do not follow up on their applications and activities

Professional guidance

Our Nurture & Clarification team has great experience with communication and technology. Aside from being good at strategies we also have a broad technical insights, which allows your organisation to be holistically supported.

Erik Carrillo

Customer Success Manager
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Casper Evers

Client Manager
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