Market your private or independent school using strategies that target today’s youth

We help private and independent schools attract new students each year through innovative campaigns and software for managing admissions, events, and insights.

Private and independent schools depend on an annual intake of students. We assist in developing and executing attraction strategies that create visible results, without compromising on the school’s identity and values.

We have more than a decades worth of experience in working with this segment – we use this experience in combination with our knowledge of Generation Z, Y and Alpha to help your school execute a successful attraction strategy. Our easy-to-use admissions software and our willingness to assist from set-up to sign-up lighten the load of administrative tasks.

What makes us the most reliable source on education marketing?

CompanYoung’s work is always rooted in our proven method that creates value for each individual school, all the way from developing the strategy to the execution. Every decision we make is based on our large, continuous collection of data and analyses. Staying in touch with the students of tomorrow, and knowing their decision making process, helps us give you the edge you are looking for.

We can assist schools with the following:

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We know what works

Due to the many types of schools we work with, our experts are skilled in gaining insights for the school in question. Based on our many years of experience, our foundation of knowledge on how to brand schools and attract new pupils is solid. We are familiar with the challenges you face and the students you want to attract.

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