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We help universities execute campaigns in order to attract and admit motivated international students.

Many students in today’s globalised world seek to study outside their home country. Universities looking to attract international students need to position themselves strategically on the market, showcasing their identity in order to attract the best students. Today’s students are willing to go long distances for the education that is right for them – but there is an overwhelming amount of options.

Financial and social pressure can create further uncertainty among the students – they are afraid to make a ‘wrong’ choice, as the consequences might be difficult to handle. In order to appear on the right students’ radar when they are applying, it is important to communicate the university’s identity and lecture content in a clear and attractive manner. This message must resonate with youth globally, in regards to culture, language, and values.

Better school branding and an effective marketing strategy lead to more applicants. In the past, application tracking was a cumbersome task. Organise and optimise the process with a modern admissions platform. At CompanYoung, we know how important the application process is for potential students and your administration. We strive to make the experience as streamlined as possible.


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We always have a starting point in our well-proven method as we prepare global attraction strategies for higher educational institutions. We work with universities from the beginning of strategy development, all the way to execution – of course maintaining a close collaboration with the individual institution.


We plan and deliver effective attraction and recruitment strategies and campaigns.


We collect, analyse, and publish insights on Generation Y, Z, and Alpha.


We create tools and technology to support, enhance, and improve attraction and recruitment of youth.


We develop, increase, and optimise direct interaction with a younger audience.

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The future of international student recruitment

Our team has years worth of experience in preparing and executing strategies that attract students to universities. Contact us today and hear more about our successful marketing methods.

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