Recruiting talents becomes more efficient through the use of our software YoungCRM


Free your time from administrative work, strengthen your brand and gain knowledge

Through YoungCRM, CompanYoung offers an efficient tool to support and optimise attraction and recruitment strategies for organisations, industries and educational institutions.

YoungCRM has 6 primary modules:

  • CRM – Candidate Relationship Management system, which secures the great candidate experience for all applicants.
  • ATS – Applicant  Tracking System manages the entire recruitment process.
  • Sign-up and Event module facilitates easy sign-up for events and measure the effect of events.
  • Chat and Conversation Module increases the communication with potential candidates.
  • Landing Pages help strengthening your brand.
  • Newsletter Module allows you to send relevant information about your organisation to retain interest. Ydermere har YoungCRM en lang række features, der effektiviserer styring or organisering, og giver jer bred indsigt i jeres aktiviteter.

Furthermore, YoungCRM has a wide range of features that increases management and organisation, and gives you a broad insight into your activities.

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